Manufacturers and Suppliers of Induced Draft Fans(ID Fans)and Forced Draft Fans (FD Fans)

Induced Draft Fan (ID Fan) & Forced Draft Fan (FD Fan)

Eminent Systems has vast experience as FD & ID Fan manufacturer. Our fans are widely used by manufacturers of Boiler, Furnaces, Dust Collection and Ovens with their equipments. We also supply to the end users and offer our consultancy in selection of appropriate ID Fans and FD Fans. Special Care is taken in manufacturing of the impeller (rotating part). All the impellers are statically and dynamically balanced on machine and per IS Grade. Balancing and fan performance certificate is provided along with the blower. Eminent make Induced Draft Fan and Forced Draft Fan are designed to runs at high efficiency thereby giving considerable power savings to our customer.

FD Fan pushes the air into the system creating positive pressure. The system may be furnace/ boiler/ dust collector etc. In furnace & boilers FD Fan sucks the fresh air from atmosphere and supplies it to the burner for combustion. FD Fans are generally direct driven fans. ID Fan pulls the air out of system creating negative pressure. The hot flue gases such from the furnace/ boiler are sucked by ID Fan and thrown into atmosphere (via chimney). ID Fans for high temperature flue gases are belt driven fans.

Centrifugal Air Blowers based on its application use are called ID Fans or FD Fans.

Appropriate MOC and thikness of FD Fans & ID Fan impeller is choosen depending on temperature and dust content in air. For high dust load wear pads are provided on id fan impeller blades.

Features of “Eminent Make” ID Fans & FD Fans
1. Less Power Consumption
2. High Impeller Life
3. Less Maintenance
4. Low noise
5. High Bearing Life
6. Good after sales service

We are supplies of dust collector blowers for many of the dust collection system manufacturers in India.

Depending on the fan inlet air temperature id fan drive is chosen. It could be either
1. Direct Drive ID Fan – Suitable for air temp. below 60deg. C.
2. Direct Coupled ID Fan – Suitable for high temp. air.
3. Belt Driven/ Pulley Drive ID Fan – Suitable for high temp. air.